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Special Collection

19 Live

Collection launched: 15 May 2019
19 Live builds on the legacy of Victorians Live edited by Herb Sussman for Victorian Literature and Culture. Sussman introduces our first edition of 19 Live with his reflections on the growing interest in all things Victorian outside of academia, and thus the importance of the 19 Live project. The inaugural 19 Live explores topics closely related to the current journal issue ‘Old Masters, Modern Women’, which examines women writing about art in the nineteenth century. An initial interview by Susanna Avery-Quash with two National Gallery curators, Letizia Treves and Francesca Whitlum-Cooper, considers the work of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century women artists whose work can be found in the National Gallery in London, including the recently acquired self-portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi. Such women established an important legacy for their nineteenth-century successors. Reviews by Emma Merkling and Maria Alambritis examine recent exhibitions of the work of Victorian artists Annie Swynnerton and Christiana Herringham, at Manchester Art Gallery and Royal Holloway respectively, and a final interview by Avery-Quash with Emma O’Toole explores an exhibition about the lives of Irish women artists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, recently held at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.