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Reading: Mapping the "Mighty Maze": Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition


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Mapping the "Mighty Maze": Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition


James Mussell ,

About James
James Mussell is a part-time postdoctoral reseach associate on ncse. His work explores the place of science within late nineteenth-century print culture, and focuses especially on the role that print plays in mediating events across space and time. He also currently teaches at Kings College London and Birkbeck College and is preparing a monograph, Movable Types: the Times and Spaces of Science in the Late Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press, which considers the material culture of science, print, and reading.
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Suzanne Paylor

About Suzanne
Suzanne Payloris a full-time researcher on the ncse project. Her research interests include the history of popular print culture and the history of science communication in popular media. Recent and forthcoming publications include articles on Edward B. Aveling and the readership for science in the early nineteenth century.
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This paper reflects on attempts, past and present, to map the mighty maze of periodical literature. The Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition Project (ncse), seeks to achieve two key objectives. First the ncse project responds to the pressing need to preserve fragile printed items in ways which maintain their integrity as historical material objects. Electronic editions offer to new opportunities to re-present such material in a way that is, for the first time, comprehensive and freely available. ncse will create an electronic edition of six nineteenth--century periodicals. Second, ncse, aims to formulate and implement new ways of realising our current scholarly conceptualisation of these materials in electronic form. At a time when new digital editions promise to revolutionise the way resource users across the humanities work with their materials this paper explores timely questions about the role of the scholar in this process.
How to Cite: Mussell, J. and Paylor, S., 2005. Mapping the \"Mighty Maze\": Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, (1), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Oct 2005.
Peer Reviewed


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