Editorial Board

19 is governed by an Editorial Board, consisting of:

Carolyn Burdett

Dr Carolyn Burdett is the Head of the Department of English, Theatre and Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London, where she teaches in English Literature and Victorian Studies. Dr Burdett has published widely on late Victorian literature, culture, and science and has written two monographs on the South African writer Olive Schreiner. She has been active in promoting and furthering nineteenth-century studies through her involvement with a number of journals and conferences, and served as General Editor at 19 from 2010 to 2020.

Luisa Calè

Dr Luisa Calè is a Reader in Romantic and Nineteenth-Century Literature and Visual Culture at Birkbeck, where she has worked since 2004, following the completion of her DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2002. Her research interests include the visual and material cultures of literature in the Romantic period and she has published on the reinvention of literature through galleries of pictures, Dante’s Commedia, the reception of William Blake in Italy, and altered editions of Shakespeare. Her research argues for a hybrid history of the book, subverting distinctions between book parts and artworks. 

David McAllister

Dr David McAllister serves as Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, Theatre and Creative Writing at Birkbeck, where he is also the Assistant Dean for Education in the School of Arts and Director of the Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies. His research interests span the long nineteenth century, with a particular focus on the history of representations of death and burial, Dickens, and ageing, and he is the author of the book Imagining the Dead in British Literature and Culture, 1790–1848.

Dr McAllister recently guest edited an issue of 19 entitled The Old Nineteenth Century: Ageing against the Grain.

Victoria Mills

Dr Victoria Mills is a Lecturer in Victorian Literature and Culture in the Department of English, Theatre and Creative Writing at Birkbeck where she has worked since 2016, having previously held a Research Fellowship at Darwin College, Cambridge and a Teaching Fellowship at King's College London. Prior to academia,  Dr Mills worked in various roles in the museum sector, including positions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of the Home. Her interests include the interplay between the written, visual, and material cultures of the long nineteenth century, and she has written on the works of George Eliot, Oscar Wilde, Henry James, and Charles Kingsley.

Dr Mills previously served as the General Editor of 19, overseeing issues such as Women Collectors: Taste, Legacy, and Cultural Philanthropy c. 1850–1920.

Ana Parejo Vadillo

Dr Ana Parejo Vadillo is the current General Editor of 19 and works as a Reader in the Department of English, Theatre and Creative Writing at Birkbeck. Her research interests include nineteenth and early twentieth-century literature, with a particular focus on poetry, metropolitan and cosmopolitan studies, fashion, and women's writing. She has published widely on the poetry of her chosen era, and has worked on authors including Walter Pater, A. Mary F. Robinson, and Amy Levy, among others. Dr Vadillo is one of the leading scholars of the poetic duo Michael Field, and co-edited the volume Michael Field: Decadent Moderns with Sarah Parker, which was published in 2019.